Osiris – A Fresh Start

On December 27th, 2017, Osiris, LLC purchased the CamperWorld, Inc remaining assets. When asked about the decision to purchase the parks, Jared Westhoff one of the new owners of Osiris said, “I was amazed by the streams, rivers, mature trees, the open spaces, the size of the pads and distance between them, the amenities, pools, pavilions, hot tub pools, basketball courts, locations for play grounds, etc. But what did it for me was seeing the interaction between several of the past park managers and members during a park inspection. Realizing that CamperWorld was much more than just RV parks it is a family!”

For that reason Osiris LLC. included in their purchase the CamperWorld name. ‘Osiris’ is the Egyptian god of resurrection, rebirth, and regeneration. This was chosen as the name of the company to represent the rebirth of campgrounds which provided a unique camping experience for decades, but unfortunately ultimately died. Osiris is looking forward to bringing back the 35 good years of CamperWorld while leaving the past 5 years of turmoil in the rear view mirror.

It is our commitment to bring these properties back to life. With over $1.1 million dollars being spent for deferred maintenance and upgrades of the campgrounds at, Echo Island in Coalville; Knotty Pines in Woodland near Kamas; and Pleasant Creek Ranch in Mt. Pleasant, these locations will join Lakeside just off of Starvation Reservoir near Duchesne as fully operational RV Parks for the 2018 season. These parks are in some of the most beautiful locations, one to two hours from those living on the Wasatch Front.

“Our priority right now is to have the majority of the park improvements done before Memorial Day so members and the public can enjoy the campgrounds.” said Alex Souvall. He then added, “My main job is to be sure money is spent wisely, within a budget, and ensure expenses go towards park improvements to enhance guests experiences.”

Weather you’re a transferring member, returning member or a new member, we’re looking forward to many great years of fun, stress free camping.